No Parking




A year ago when I was in France visiting my parents, my father was a month or so out from having a gruelling course of chemo and radiotherapy. It aged him about twenty years, took his hair and beard, and left him walking gingerly with a stick, being fed directly into his stomach, as the throat cancer had made it impossible to eat.

One year on, and he’s as fit as a fiddle! We went to the oncologist and the scans were clear; Dr Alphonsi said they were excellent. No stick for walking, eating and drinking are normal, hair and beard are back. I’m very happy!

This picture is from Tuesday in a cafe in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, taking a break during a photo wander.


On the edge of spaceā€¦

Travelled to France today to visit the parents. Also, my eldest sister has moved out here for a year with her husband and two daughters, so time will be spent being an uncle as well as a son.

Fuji X100 is loyally in my hand, and my SX-70 over my shoulder with some new PX70 Colour Protection film. Expect pictures!