PX680 is here for all!!

(Deer Crossing)

The day has come! The Impossible Project is now selling the fabulous, exciting and new PX680 First Flush in its store.

Having now torn though a few packs of PX680 (including the ones in this post, taken in early April in the South of France), I feel I can deliver an opinion: it’s the Holy Grail. Ever since Impossible was established to reengineer from scratch the miracle of photography which is integral film, there has been the hope and wish for a new Time Zero replacement. I think this is it.


The colours leap out at you in sunlight, there are more subtleties with interior shots. The reds and blues are vivid, the details are sharp. Shield it for great contrast, allow it to flash for some magic with light.


This is the real deal, folks! I showed my dad (who’s original SX-70 I still use) a shot of my niece taken with the first beta batch. “Yes! They did it!” was his response. Yes, they did.

And from today you can buy it from The Impossible Project shop.

(Beaumes de Venise vines)


(Sauf Riverains)