Irises on Impossible Project PX680 V4C test film.



A few years ago I bought a Polaroid ProCam from The Impossible Project. Actually, to be correct I bought a ProCam from Polapremium, as they had yet to assume the name. Because the Enschede factory made the Spectra film as well as the square formats for SX70 and 600 cameras, I thought it a good idea to have a go.

The ProCam is strangely shaped (it opens from the side), and I tended to find it somewhat unergonomic to use – it felt to me like holding a loaf of bread in front of my face. Not entirely for me, but I’d persist.

Firstly I had some Image film for it.

Love - Hope

Very nice, but it didn’t pluck at my heart the way ‘real’ (SX-70) Polaroid shots did. They just seemed a bit normal in tone. Like ‘normal’ film photos. I guess the non-square aspect added to that feeling.

Well let’s try some mystery white box film that they found at the factory…



Hmm. Still not quite doing it for me. I’m not keen on the way the expired 600-type films turned yellow and faded. Grumble grumble.

At last! The Impossible Project started to produce Silver Shade PZ600 film

Charing Cross Road

That’s the most success I had. I wasn’t terribly happy with any of the shots I took with the ProCam, so eventually I decided to sell it, and put the whole Spectra thing behind me.

And then a few weeks ago I found a regular Spectra camera for cheap in a charity shop. How could I resist? My thinking was “if it doesn’t work, I’ve not broken the bank. If I don’t like it, I can give it back to the shop for someone who will like it”. I ordered some PZ680 Color Protection film.

I like it.



Floral Street/James Street

I think it’s a combination of the ergonomics and the wonderful new film. I’m won over. In fact, I think I may take just this camera to France with me next month, rather than pack the SX-70. Funny how things turn out…

Blue Saturday

A friend of mine was having a bit of a photographic block, not having picked up his camera for a while. I suggested he needed a project; he was keen. I suggested he pick a colour; he picked blue. Seemed like a good idea, so on Saturday I joined in, and took three blue pictures on the amazing Impossible Project PX70 Color Protection Formula film.

Blue Egg

An egg from the Big Egg Hunt

Blue Edge

Blue Door


A year ago when I was in France visiting my parents, my father was a month or so out from having a gruelling course of chemo and radiotherapy. It aged him about twenty years, took his hair and beard, and left him walking gingerly with a stick, being fed directly into his stomach, as the throat cancer had made it impossible to eat.

One year on, and he’s as fit as a fiddle! We went to the oncologist and the scans were clear; Dr Alphonsi said they were excellent. No stick for walking, eating and drinking are normal, hair and beard are back. I’m very happy!

This picture is from Tuesday in a cafe in Isle-sur-la-Sorgue, taking a break during a photo wander.


On the edge of spaceā€¦

Travelled to France today to visit the parents. Also, my eldest sister has moved out here for a year with her husband and two daughters, so time will be spent being an uncle as well as a son.

Fuji X100 is loyally in my hand, and my SX-70 over my shoulder with some new PX70 Colour Protection film. Expect pictures!