Instant Lab – What’s In The Box?

Most if not all of the original Kickstarter supporters should have received their Instant Labs by now, so it’s now our job to convince everybody else in the world to buy one. So to that end, here is some unboxing…



It’s a lovely box, with a slip cover. But what is inside?


Oh my! A classy spot-varnished logo. Let’s lift the lid…



So what’s under the Lab?


Fancy charger to the left, and a welcoming pack of leaflets to the right…


It’s mutual!


That’s my photo!!!!!


Also in the box is a pouch for carrying it in, manual, a postcard frame, and a stand card.

The Impossible Project understands, like Apple, that opening the box is an important part of the experience, an event in itself. It’s not just some shrink-wrapped plastic for you to cut your hands on; it’s a journey into the ownership of the product, a building of anticipation. Fun!

But does it work?


Seems to work just fine…


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