Like Father, Like Son


My father and I are very serious men. Many a solemn hour is spent discussing important things. Frivolity is frowned upon. In fact most things are frowned upon. Except frowning. 

Or not. 

I bought my dad a Polaroid EE100 as a Christmas present and when I was out in France in early April he was trying it out, taking a couple of portraits of me to get the feel of it. I don’t often take portraits, but I was in the mood, so I got my 600SE with Chocolate film. Camera as prop, father deploying stern, serious expression. Exposure measure with the fab Pocket Light Meter iPhone app. 


Pull out the film, wait, start peeling. Oh right, as I often do, I forgot to take out the dark slide. I need something which pops up in the viewfinder with the word “idiot” if I press the button with the slide in. Swearing and laughing ensued. 

Try again, and success. 

Next day we went for a matching shot, father at the camera. Me in stylish attire. 


Dark slide in. 

Sigh. Laugh. 

Try again. 


Lens cap on. 

Third time lucky. Successful serious face despite the terrible giggles. 

I’m very keen on this pair of pictures. I’ve kept the one of him, he the one of me. Perhaps I should do more portraits. 

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