The Possible Project

Adventures in the new instant films, and a look at the future!

On March 22 2010, in the Impossible Project space in New York, Florian Kaps unveiled the first products of the factory in Enschede: PX100 Silver Shade First Flush, a sepia-tinged monochrome instant film. It was characterised by a soft, often golden quality. It was very sensitive to light when ejected, as well as sensitive to temperature. But handled correctly, and the results are great. 

Next came the faster PX600 Silver Shade. Also monochrome, but this time with more contrast. As the year progressed they improved the formula. I love this film. 

Then came the colour films. The PX70 Color Shade First Flush was soft, blue tinted. In the autumn came the PX70 PUSH! film. This one tended towards pink tones. Handled well, colours come through. 

So far the colour films have seemed artistic, potentially a bit ‘niche’ for a wider audience. The Holy Grail is a film which is not too scared of light when ejected, not too worried by temperature. And a fuller range of colour. Ideally something like the nostalgic beauty of the original SX70 films. 

Ladies and gentlemen…


In the autumn of last year I entered a picture to an Impossible Project competition with the hope of being a beta tester for new film. I got through, and the film arrived in February. This first batch had an issue with white speckles (this is an issue with the first batch), but not with the colour. It’s gorgeous. The blues! The reds! A fuller report on my experiences with this to follow…

And this is just the first test film. The second batch is better still. It’s going to be a great year.

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